A Loveable Character

book cover

As I write the end of the ‘Perfectly Series’ I realize that I’m kind of saying ‘good-bye’ to a character that I have come to know and love. I feel somewhat melancholy as I consider this character’s story coming to an end.

I wonder if these feelings are normal? Am I strange to become emotionally involved with a figment of my imagination, though admittedly, she is strangely similar to my self? Is this a normal sentiment?

As I write her conclusion, I think about what could lie ahead for her. I’m already considering a ‘come back tour’ so-to-speak. Perhaps, the character gets a break from being in the spotlight as I write these other books, but I can always remove her from the shelf and pen her again. Admittedly, this thought is comforting as I know I don’t have to succumb to her demise.

I then wonder, if an author decides to kill off a main character, are they typically emotional about it? Is it something that they cry about, or does it not affect them in the least? I wonder if it feels like they lose a piece of themselves or if it is perfectly comfortable to know they invented the human and therefore they control the whole ordeal, not feeling like they are losing anything in the process of doing so. It is definitely obvious that I don’t tend to lose my characters. I am definitely the ‘happily ever after’ type.

Perhaps I need to open my mind up a little more. Perhaps death is a topic I need to explore? For now, I doubt this would be wise as I’m already feeling sad closing the book on a character who feels more like a friend. I am already looking forward to the day I reopen the book and allow my readers to see a more sophisticated grown up Norma Nudle.

Until then, saying ‘good-bye’ feels bittersweet.

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