Planet Earth

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Have you ever looked at the sky and wondered to yourself, what is up there? I mean, really up there. You find yourself staring into the darkness, watching the flickering of all the stars. A bright one catches your eye and you curiously consider your elementary science class where you name all the planets to try to figure out which one you’re looking at.
You find yourself saying, “Mars- nope that one’s red. Perhaps it’s Saturn? Oy, can we see Jupiter from Earth?”
As you watch intently, a helicopter flying toward the hospital catches your eye. Over on the other side, which only seems to be a few seconds away is a jet. You watch in wonder as you consider how technology has advanced so much that not only can we fly clear across the world, but man has actually landed on to the moon. It amazes you.
Then from nowhere, you catch a glimpse of light. This light is different. You feel your heart race as you wonder, “what was that?” Your head starts to question UFO’s, alien encounters, meteors crashing to Earth, or whatever other program you may have seen on TV and think about from time to time.
Your brain then goes to a fiction world of alien encounters and the world as we know it succumbing to fire, or perhaps a parallel universe full of love and passion, or even one that’s full of crime and terror. You sweep through the endless possibilities of what may have triggered the flash of light that you happened to catch a quick glimpse of.
The place where your head examines the array of possibilities is the place where my brain lives permanently. Sure, I come to planet Earth when I need to. However, nine times out of ten, you catch me daydreaming about anything that strikes me as interesting, which can be anything at all.
As a kid, I turned patterns on my mom’s curtains to random people dancing in various positions, or strange clown faces made up to bring joy, or terrify any child that was willing to really see them. My head lives in a place of wonder. That is something I wouldn’t change for the world- or for planet Earth for that matter.

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