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This is what’s going on…Perfectly Matched by [Cooper, Christina]
Some have noticed and also asked about the pricing of the books and why the recent increase. The books increased in price by $3.00 or less. The reason for this increase is to cover the price of shipping when the books are shipped to stores. I am not paid more for this price increase.
Did you know that approximately 90% of authors make less than $10,000/ year? Unless you happen to be one of the few big names (Stephen King), you pretty much fit into this category. According to Amazon, Indie authors make on average, $350.00 or less per year. The average price for editing is $1000.00. That means, that we actually pay to be a writer instead of getting paid to write. Imagine loving your job so much that you’re actually willing to pay to go to work? Insane, right?
Amazon has a lot rules and regulations regarding reviews. Therefore, authors are taking a hit because the reviews are what helps to advertise our work. People don’t like seeing posts on facebook, but often that is our only resource we have to get the word out when we have more work available. We have to use it as skillfully as we can because there’s a fine line between irritating people and exciting them.
If you enjoy the work of your local authors (myself included), you have the power to help… Word of mouth is singlehandedly the most important thing to help us sell our work. All you have to do is tell your friends what the book name is, who wrote it, and where to find it (or you can buy it for them!). Leave reviews whenever possible on Amazon and Goodreads, but definitely tell your friends. Books make good gifts. Better yet, most local authors are willing to travel a little to sign autographs for people- just to make that book gift extra special. Be patient with social media posts, we need to have an outlet somewhere. And mostly, keep telling us that you love our work. Remember, most of us pay our hard-earned money for this. Your feedback makes it worthwhile!

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