Time Flies

As Halloween is fast approaching, I have come to the bittersweet realization that time actually flies.

I remember the days when I would dress my kids up in snow suits with little hats that had ears on them. I would take my eyeliner and place a black smudge on their nose, to make it look like an animal nose. We would hear the leaves crunch as the cool breeze and rain would smack our faces. We knew we wouldn’t be out too long, because how much candy can a kid actually eat?

These days, costumes become more revealing. The kids are less interested in going trick-or-treating with mom and dad, instead they are begging to go to parties at their friend’s house.

Trick-or-treating is more of a chore than a fun time out. Candy is more necessary than ever, which is the payoff for the hassle of going house to house.

Mom has nothing to do with makeup. Instead, the kid is in the mirror all day, perfecting their look.

Costumes cost the better half of a hundred dollars and smiles are thrown away for insistent demands.

The chubby cheeks and big round eyes are gone. Blood, guts, and terror are more important. Pictures have to be approved of before they are posted. The camera has to be held the right way- God forbid they see a chin crease in any of them.

I watch as my kids grow up and I smile. No matter what, regardless of the days I miss, I am grateful to see them grow. Besides, it’s far more fun to throw on a mask, hide behind the door, and scare the crap out of them. It doesn’t feel so bad, unlike when they were little.

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