We Shared a Moment

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We shared a moment. It lasted only three seconds, but we definitely made solid eye contact. My almond shaped green eyes were fixated on his crisp blue ones. My heart raced as I longed for him to react to me. Instead, he managed a steady pace in his bright red sports car. He must have spent a fortune on that car. It was beautiful.
He was driving right next to me. I could see the white leather seats which matched his white hair. My heart was thumping in my chest in anticipation. Lightly, I tapped the brake, but the guy behind me was too close.
To my right, the lady in the van was fast approaching the highway, not thinking much about yielding to oncoming traffic. I tried to speed up, again glancing at the guy in the left lane. I thought to myself that I would love to be driving a car like that. Construction was coming, so the person in front of me was hitting his brakes. Again, I tapped mine.
The lady in the van wouldn’t slow down. To my left, the guy in the sports car was adamant about not moving. Again, I made eye contact, pleading with him to slow down or speed up. I felt trapped with nowhere to go. I was surrounded by people who wouldn’t budge.
The ramp to the highway was ending.
I made eye contact. He wouldn’t move.
I hope the next time he’s in the left lane and someone locks his gaze he moves.
As for me, I will never make eye contact again.

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