Title Change Made Total Difference

The Racist Pastor: Like a wolf in sheep's clothing evil can disguise itself as good by [Cooper, Christina]

I changed the title.

The book is almost exactly the same. The letter from the author at the very end was updated a little, but that was it.

The book is the same. When I say no difference, I’m serious.

I couldn’t get ‘A Divided Love: Chelsea and Jamal’s Story’ to sell to save my life.

When people read it, they loved it. The problem was, it was difficult to get them to read it.

The title is now, ‘The Racist Pastor’. Same story, same book, different title. Under the new title, it hit number one in it’s genre.

It currently has a 5 star review on Goodreads.

This is a story I believe in and enjoy. I knew if people gave it a chance it would warm their hearts after rubbing them the wrong way for a moment or two.

All I did was change the title.


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