Where’s the Artists?

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They discuss starving artists and they’re not kidding. I feel that there is a fall of the creative person, but that, I believe, is due to the demand of having to provide for a family. People don’t want to pay the price for art.

For example, why have someone sew your clothes for you when you can just go to Walmart and get an outfit for cheap? That’s great, but we’re losing the art of individuality and even the art of sewing by investing in this ideal. People cannot live on sewing alone, because people aren’t paying to get their clothing mended or made for them.

What about painters? We have people who can skillfully put paint onto a canvas, making the design that is the perfect color arrangement for your home, but people don’t want to pay them. They want an original design and then complain about the cost of getting one. People forget that canvases cost us money, paint, frames, time, etc. Would you work for free? Instead, again, they don’t want to pay so they get something Walmart sells for a lot cheaper. Sure, it’s a print, not original at all, but who cares at the savings of a dollar?

Writers experience the same. If the book isn’t free, or if it’s not discounted to a very inexpensive price, people won’t read them. If the writer agrees to discount the book, the reader isn’t even willing to offer feedback or reviews, which in turn helps the writer to gain more sales. People don’t realize how many hours, how much pain, the writer goes through in order to provide their work. In addition to that, the writer gets asked constantly, “Will you put me in your next book?” or “You should write about this…”

Musicians are begged to play for free, but when they sell a C.D. people won’t pay for them. “Hey can you come play at the wedding? You charge what? Seriously? Man, that’s expensive!” Do they realize how much work that is for someone? Holding up a tip jar isn’t paying the bills. People have kids to feed. Support and love them.  

The point, artists need to be supported so we don’t lose the arts. Schools aren’t requiring arts classes anymore, and with computers, raw talent isn’t always accessible like it used to be. Therefore, it’s important to support the artists you love in order to help people to continue producing art. Take pride in your originals and leave reviews when you can. It helps every one of us to keep going.


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