Sneak Peek (unedited) Stalk Therapy


September 11th, 2019, 8:46 PM

I did it. I just followed her to her house. I think she thought she outsmarted me, the poor fool. I will show her how to get away from someone. I will teach her that you cannot outsmart a superior intellect such as myself. She looked so beautiful, tender, innocent as she parked at the police station. I could hardly stand it. I wanted to grab her right then. I wanted to show her. Educate her.

The thrill. It came back. For a while I thought I lost the will to live. I knew this holiday wouldn’t let me down. It’s back, my nature, full-force. I feel good. Nothing can stop me. Now that I know where she lives, it will be interesting to see what her life is like. It is my job, my duty, to teach the therapist the reality of people. To show her that people aren’t as good as she thinks they are. It is my obligation, my mission from God himself to let her see first hand how she’s supposed to respond when someone’s following her.

I am obligated to love her and to protect her for the rest of her life. Someone as loving and as gentle as she cannot go without protection. Her husband does a terrible job. Any guy to let his wife drive almost an hour to work and back is insane. Doesn’t he realize what kinds of animals are out there? People prey on people every single day. Doesn’t he see that? No. He doesn’t love her, he keeps her vulnerable. I will take care of her. Him too if he doesn’t oblige.

She will be so happy to know that someone cares enough to look out for her. To protect her, love her, to keep her safe forever. She’ll be so excited, just like I am. She’ll be so happy to please me, thrilled to take care of my needs, because I’m there for her. It is true, she and I are soulmates.

And, if by some chance she responds like you did, she’ll join you. But that won’t happen, she’s smart, just a little naïve.

Until I see you again.


September 11th, 2019, 8:52 PM

Ashley lay in bed tossing and turning. She hadn’t been feeling well and it was possible she had a fever. Her stomach was hurting, and she wanted more than anything to just feel better. It was typical for Ashley during this time of year for her to start feeling funny. Ever since the ‘incident’. Her mother never understood what was wrong.

She knew something changed that night. Her daughter went to bed normal one day, but woke up the next day, not feeling well and hardly talking. She’s barely spoken a few words since. She knows how to speak of course and when her mother demands it, she will answer her, but really after the life she’s lived, there’s not a lot to say.

She felt alone. Like nobody could possibly understand. That is until she met that lady. Something about her, something inside her head made her want to know her. She felt like that lady could help her. She didn’t know why she felt that way. She’s never really tried to get to know people before. She was comfortable sitting alone with mother nature. God was her friend and pretty much all the friend she needed. People scared her. Her angels kept her company when she was afraid. Not that she could see them, but she knew they were there. Sometimes she asked God if she could see them, but she never has yet. Maybe one day.

She held tightly to her tummy as she tried to fall asleep. She hated nights the most. The shadows come to life at night and what happened in the shadows scared her.

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