Rejected (Again)

Yesterday was one more addition to my writing journey.

Earlier this year I submitted a novel to Hallmark Publishing. They use a tiered formula to book acceptance.

My book made it through. I was waiting in anticipation to see if they were going to accept it. If so, they would have made the book into a movie and everything.

Patiently as my book tiered up, I waited. The closer I got, the more excited I became.

Yesterday adds another rejection to my pile of rejections. The ugly truth about writing is that it can make you feel like the nerdy kid in school. Over and over again you get slapped with never being quite good enough. Almost doesn’t cut it.

People like to tell me how Stephen King and J.K. Rowling have had hundreds of rejections on their iconic novels. I smile and nod.

Truth is, I am not surprised nor am I upset.

Reality is, I have been having some successes doing this myself. More importantly, I feel that if God wants me to achieve greatness, nothing will stop me.

So, as I continue to learn and develop as an author, I will continue to experience highs and lows. I will maintain the attitude of Rocky Balboa and my alma mater. No matter what happens, I will fight on.

My newest book, ‘Christmas Clues’ will be out this week. I hear it’s my best yet.

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