Now Available!!


My newest book, ‘CHRISTMAS CLUES’ is now available!!!!

This book is a fun holiday romance. Read below!

Christmas Clues is a Christmas romance novel. It’s a tale of two sisters who lost their mother seven months ago. The eldest, Noelle, is a married mother; though she and her husband have been separated for the past three years due to her being tired of his demanding work schedule. Her younger sister, Libby, is a nurse practitioner who is as single as they come, but fears being tied down with a partner who doesn’t share her ambitions and zest for life. Just weeks before Christmas, the girls get the shock of their life when their mom’s lawyer contacts them due to a portion of the will being unfulfilled. There, the story unravels with their mom having one final wish for them involving some strange rules. However, the girls have to solve clues in order to know what their mother’s last request actually is. One of the rules being, James, Noelle’s husband, must be present and helpful in solving the clues. Noelle is googly-eyed and dumbfounded when her husband walks in to the lawyer’s office looking more handsome than ever before. She wonders why in the world she would have ever chosen to walk away. Struggling to fight her insecurities and the emotions that come with love, Noelle has to find a way to live with James for the next few weeks in order to learn her mother’s final Christmas wish. Christmas Clues is a fun read that will leave readers trying to solve the clues with the characters as they cheer on a second chance at love. The story is complete with heartwarming moments, romance, light-hearted humor, dreams coming true, and of course, a little Christmas magic.

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