The Blank Page

The blank page is staring at me. It’s new, untouched. I look at it and find myself excited with the endless possibilities that this page could provide me. I think of writing- the stories that could be told. Will someone fall in love? Will a loved one die? Will they fall, literally, crack their tailbone... Continue Reading →


Selling Hard!

'Perfectly Matched' is singlehandedly the best selling book I've ever written. It profited in the first week it was released. It has sold the most, but has the least reviews (thanks to Amazon). I hope that everyone who enjoyed the 'Perfectly Series' (Perfectly Suited, Perfectly Torn, Perfectly Matched) tells their reading friends and family. It's... Continue Reading →


  I had to pretend to understand their language. My life depended on it. I watched as they were killing people off one-by-one. I wanted more than anything to live. My adrenaline was pumping. I was sitting in their ship, quietly, hoping more than anything that they wouldn’t discover that I’m human. They would speak,... Continue Reading →

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