You Dork!

“It’s just not working out.” He looked at me with frustration. I was in disbelief. I guess I had thought that everything was going fine. How come I couldn’t see the warning signs? I thought back to the time when we first met. It was during college. I had slipped on the ice and it... Continue Reading →



  I had to pretend to understand their language. My life depended on it. I watched as they were killing people off one-by-one. I wanted more than anything to live. My adrenaline was pumping. I was sitting in their ship, quietly, hoping more than anything that they wouldn’t discover that I’m human. They would speak,... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Special!!!

I combined all three of the 'Perfectly' books together into one big book and am only charging, $27.99! That is about $9.00/book! If you want a SIGNED copy, please email me at and we can make arrangements! Happy shopping!!! 🙂  

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