A Writer’s Block

Can she write a book on Libre? She doubts it as she closes the computer with frustration. Her Microsoft Office expired and instead of renewing the subscription she sits awkwardly and wallows in self-pity. She ponders life for a moment, recognizing her weirdness. She questions how she became as standoffish and quirky as she feels.... Continue Reading →


Sneak Peek

Sneak peek: 'A Divided Love: Chelsea and Jamal's Story' Coming April, 2018. It was at this moment that it didn’t matter what people said. Black and white were only two hues, shades and tints, that together in this moment blended in solace. The hate, the pain, the problems, the sorrow all non-existent in the essence... Continue Reading →


The Bible says that Christians will be persecuted. I had no clue that when atheists did it that it would be so stinking cute. Seriously. I was called a ‘Sheeple’. Out of all the names in the world that I could have been called, this was by far the sweetest. After being called this name,... Continue Reading →

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